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I help you to develop the right mindset to become the person you ought to be and assist you in the rediscovery of your inner gold. I have been there. I know how personal issues can hamper growth. My purpose is to help you move up to the next level.  “Things that matter most, must never be at the mercy of things that matter least” – Goethe

Below are typical interventions for positive change in yourself and your business.  

We help clients or advisors to get to know themselves better, enabling them to make effective financial decisions, by addressing behavior around debt, lack of savings and obstacles in achieving long-term goals. We make the client aware of biases in thinking and behavior patterns such as the influence of social upbringing, media publicity, buying styles and financial literacy. 

Training can be customized for advisors or clients: 

  1. Roadmap to financial wellness
    • Making complex financial decisions considering personal objectives, personality, marriage or relationship dispensation, stress, happiness and priorities.
  2. Biases in financial decision
    • Behavioural finance.  Understanding how emotions cloud rational decisions 
  3. Managing emotions
    • All aspects around emotional intelligence
  4. Debt management
    • Creating a debt management plan
  5. Financial planning
    • Developing a financial plan to meet financial goals using a 6 steps process. 
  6. Personal risk management
    • Implementing risk mitigating strategies to maintain standard of living. It includes a management plan for insurance, property, retirement, investments, health and taxes. 
  7. Basic investment principles
    • Implementation of an investment strategy considering risk factors, the various asset classes and costs.
  8. Retirement Funds
    • All aspects of retirement planning, various products, tax and adapting to retire
  9. The important taxes
    • Income, estate, donations and other taxes like VAT, CGT and tax on retirement funds.    
  10. Other
    • Any topic related to insurance, investment or employee benefits    

We guide and inspire clients to address limiting self-beliefs and inspire them to become the best they can be.  

  1. Understanding of personal situation, values and purpose
  2. Setting of personal and business goals
  3. Brain profiling: understanding thinking preferences
  4. An empowering belief system
  5. Improve communication skills with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  6. A healthy and robust sense of self
  7. Tools for work/life balance
  8. Developing straight talk without alienating others
  9. EQ (emotional intelligence) development
  10. Personal mastery

We help individuals, teams, and organisations to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation.

The topics addressed in my executive programme include:

  1. Efficiencies in decision making
  2. Strategic thinking and execution
  3. Leading with awareness and authenticity
  4. The power of values
  5. Diversity in the work place
  6. Crucial conversations
  7. Motivating teams
  8. Effective internal and external networking
  9. Impact communication
  10. Team coaching

Our methods include one-on-one interviews and online diagnostic tools for example Neethling Brain Profiling, Integrative9 Enneagrams and many more.

We facilitate parent plans and mediate conflict between partners

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