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Roadmap To Financial Wellness

Financial planning-experts, Enneagram and NLP-coaches, Willie Snyman and Alta Odendaal are delighted to announce their offering “Roadmap to Financial Wellness” workshop.

Willie says: Financial wellness is intertwined with physical and mental health. My career in corporate business spanned over 40 years in various divisions including marketing, sales, business development and employee benefits. I saw thousands of people in survival mode, and only hundreds in happy significance. Typical happy people were those who were living within means, having less stress, better living habits and stroke a balance of thinking, feeling and doing in decisions. And this realisation stuck with me: “ I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions” (Stephen Covey)”

Alta says: “I am grateful for the financial lessons learned from my family and also in my professional career, but one component was always missing in consulting with clients, why some people will make irrational financial decisions. My journey took me to new discoveries. This was clearly linked to personality type and automatic human behaviour. This gave me clarity in all areas of my life, including sub-conscious financial behaviours that I had. This was an eye-opener! I have offered my professional service in financial planning and financial coaching to thousands of individuals during the 19 years of being a Certified Financial Planner.

If WE can make a difference to the way INDIVIDUALS think and behave in presenting this workshop, our mission is accomplished.” What will WE share during the 4-hour workshop?

  • Your Mindset on Change
  • Communication and Personality types
  • Knowing yourself and Understand how your emotions impact your financial decisions
  • Change as an opportunity to create Financial Wellness
  • Debt and Stress
  • Building Wealth in all areas of your life
  • Key Financial Planning concepts to know and understand

The principles and methodologies presented will help YOU break through any limits or obstacles in a practical and replicable way. It offers a fantastic formula for living, relating and achieving fulfilment! 

Let’s help you see the big picture and provide you with more clarity on:

Date:                    Saturday,  7 September 2019          
Time:                    9-13h00 
Cost:                     R950 per person
Venue:                 Leriba Lodge, Centurion.


Please book before 20 August 2019.
Please book at or
Bank details: Master Coaching, FNB, Menlyn Cheque account: 62611530933
Please indicate reference of: Initials and Surname


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